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June 2016: After 19 years of ownership, I've recently sold my S14 :( (more on this below)

A list of the Nissans (S13 and S14) I've owned:

  1. '95 base model (blue, with shaved door handles?) that I bought/fixed/sold.

  2. Then a '93 SE (grey hatchback) that I bought and sold the same day...because I didn't exactly tell my wife (girlfriend at the time) I was dumping it at her house (hehe)

  3. '95 SE (white) that was badly wrecked (I bought it to sell as parts, and used the motor in my '96).

  4. '93 base (white hatchback) that I used as a daily driver for a year, and ended up selling in Nov '04.

  5. In July of 2005, my wife wanted a new we traded her '00 Pathfinder on a 1998 SE (it was pearl white - But we sold it in August '06).

  6. S13 coupe (SOHC 5-speed) in need of LOTS of "TLC" - Fixed it up, sold it the next week.

  7. Neglected '91 Coupe - Gave it a ton of lovin' over ~2 months...sold that to a friend's brother in January of 2007.

  8. In mid-2008...I bought a silver '90 hatchback with a '98 motor in was in pieces, not running. So I fixed it up, got it running well...and sold it to a friend for a daily driver.

  9. Then in 2009, I bought a '94 convertible with a blown headgasket...fixed it up...and sold it before I got a chance to strip it / put a cage in it / and race it!

  10. In early 2010, I bought a more involved project - A well-used ITA racecar (S13). Dragged it home, fixed it up over the course of ~6 months...had a bunch of fun with it...and sold it in Feb 2011.
    (The full story of that one is linked at the bottom of this page)

  11. And finally, I decided to sell my S14. It wasn't getting the use it deserved, and my attention had turned to 4x4's and off-roading - I couldn't let the car sit and I had to let it go. I trust that the new owner will treat it well, use it heavily, and enjoy it like I used to.

My new project: 1987 LandCruiser w/ a V8 under the hood...

I know you're here for Nissan / 240SX keep reading:

1996 Nissan 240SX SE

I bought it in April of '97 with exactly 20,487 miles on it...bone stock, automatic...and S-L-O-W.

I started to modify it in August of 1998, and it's been through a complete N/A (bolt-ons) buildup, a non-intercooled turbo setup, and 2 KA motors...

In June of 2016, it was sold...with 131,00X miles and the mods listed below:

Engine Modifications:

Custom KA24DE turbo setup:
Garrett T3/T04E (50 trim compressor, .63 A/R turbine housing with HPC coating)
Ground Zero Manifold (click here for a pic)
TiAL 38mm wastegate (dumped) with 10psi spring
GReddy VSPL intercooler
3" downpipe and full exhaust (custom, fabbed up by yours truly)

Engine Management: Jim Wolf Technology ECU programmed for 50lb injectors and a Ford Cobra MAF
JWT (billet) Top Feed Fuel Rail...

(read here for more about the turbo buildup, blow-up, fix, and dyno story from way back in March '03...)

JWT Cams (Intake: ~256 degrees @ .490" lift / Exhaust: ~256)

1st generation "DSM" Blow Off Valve, Recirculated

Koyo Aluminum Radiator with Altima electric fans

Suspension Modifications:

Koni 8611 Race Shocks in custom housings (front and rear)

Ground Control coilover sleeves with 600lbs/in Eibach springs (front), 450lbs/in Eibach springs (rear)

Whiteline Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar (front only)...stock "SE" model rear swaybar.

Off-brand Front Strut Tower Brace, modified to clear the turbo

Battle Version rear upper arms

SPL Parts toe arms and traction arms

Secci Spherical T/C rods

Home-made "NISMO Power Brace" (T/C rod bracket / brace)

Alignment: -2.7 camber (front) with zero toe, 7.2 degrees caster, -2.2 camber (rear) with .10 total toe (rear).

Wheels / Tires:

Enkei RPF1, 17X9.5, +18

255/40-17 Hankook RS-3 tires on all four corners

(in this picture, the tires are 245/45-17 Kumho V710's)


Front: 300ZX (30mm AL calipers), Hawk HP-PLUS Pads

Rear: 300ZX, Axxis Ultimate Pads

SPL parts conversion lines

E-brake: J30 rear hubs + e-brake, custom cables, Z32 handle


5-speed Tranny Swap

ACT Street Clutch

11lb Chromoly Flywheel (added August '07)

B&M Short Shifter

S15 Helical Limited Slip (4.08 ratio)


Alpine CD Player (the rest of the stereo stuff weighed too much, so I tossed it...!)

Other Stuff:

Sparco Evo 2 seat, with custom rails (side mount - super low, NO slider) - (click here for a pic)

MazWorx "U-weld" rollbar - 4-point, with G-Force 6pt harnesses - - (click here for a pic)
(MazWorx provides a pre-bent hoop and harness bar, and the downbars, etc...and I did all the cutting/welding/finishing)

DEKA lightweight battery (in the trunk)

Custom Radiator Cooling Panel

"Sunroof Delete" weighed too much, and it took up valuable head room - So I tossed it.
What lives there now is a piece of tinted Lucite...almost looks stock.

"What's under the hood?" Pic: (as of February 2012)

The other S-chassis cars I've owned over the years:

(SOLD in Feb 2011 - For details of the build, click here...)

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