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KA24DE Technical Info / S14 Installs / How-To / etc...

This page some tech info I have gathered over the years, as well as a few install/how-to articles such as Nissan OEM Limited Slip Differential
swap info, Automatic to 5-speed Transmission swap info, how to build a 'Hacked MAF', S14 lowering spring install, etc...

Back in maybe 2005, I fully intended to add more to this page.

However, with the wealth of information on forums these days...and the quick access to answers on most forums...I can't see the need to spend the time updating this page.

Take this page for what it is...old, but maybe a little useful still (?).

VLSD Swap info:

Most every 240SX you run into came from the factory with an open differential, with a few exceptions. And for those of us not lucky enough to have gotten the option, we have a simple solution...

Nissan used the R200 differential/case in a number of cars, including the Infiniti J30 and 300XZ - Conveniently, these can swap right into your S-chassis with very little modification.

This page tells you which differentials fit, what modifications are needed for them to be 'bol-on' mods, and what differences there are concerning gear ratios, mounting hardware, and case differences...

Lowering Spring Install:

A simple "How-To" for installing basic lowering springs into your S14.

S13/14 Brake Upgrade options:

Big brakes are easy for the S-chassis...they swap from the Skyline, Q45, 300ZX. Here's a page with plenty of info, and a size and weight chart for calipers/rotors of the various options. Also has a brief install...

ECU Reading / Resetting :

Rather than taking your car to Nissan and letting them charge $60 to pull the codes from your ECU and tell you what needs to be replaced, you can read the codes and reset the ECU yourself in 15 minutes. This page contains instructions and a codes list...

240SX Dyno Charts:

Stock dyno charts, charts scanned from "Sport Compact Car" as part of their 'Project 240SX', one of my N/A charts, and a few older turbo dynos from my S14...

S14 Transmission Swap:

Having an S14 with automatic transmission greatly reduces the 'fun factor' of driving a 240SX, but it can be resolved with a little time, the right parts, a few tools, and the desire to SHIFT_your own damn gears. Read up here for what's needed, and check out for an install article if you need help on the mechanical part...

KA-T Intercooler Setup:

After finishing my custom KA24DE turbo setup and running with no intercooler for ~3 months, I decided it was time to cool the intake air charge. And I learned that there aren't many "bolt on" intercooler kits for a KA turbo setup - I was inclined to use a core from E-bay, make my own piping, etc...but that was still pretty costly and very time consuming. So I looked for another option...and found that an SR20DET intercooler kit would fit with very little modification and a custom hot pipe.
Note: (July '04) GReddy now offers a KA specific kit for the S14, that is made to work with their KA turbo kit...FYI.

Tech Info / Installs
My 240SX
Links Page